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How Delete or Remove Gmail Account

Gmail is currently the simplest and free email service. Due to this people create many email accounts indiscriminately. Many times it happens that you want to remove an old Gmail account, but you are afraid that if you have removed the Gmail account, then you will not be able to use all the other services of Google. Many times you want to delete an unusable Gmail account in case there is more than one Gmail account, but its process does not seem to be known. Today we are going to tell you how to how to delete
or remove an unusable Gmail account.

Download All Gmail Account Data

First of all download all the data in Gmail
To delete any email account, first make sure that all the contact information in the account has been exported. You may need a message or a file after the account is deleted. To delete an account you will need a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection. You cannot delete an account on the Gmail app. It is very difficult to delete even through mobile browser. For this, it is considered best to use a web browser.

Step by step :
How to delete google’s gmail account

First of all go to Google account page in web browser.

Then click on the sign in button at the top right and fill the information of the Gmail account you want to delete.

Keep in mind that if another account is logged in, first log it out and then fill in your information.

Once logged in, check out Privacy & personalization.

A new screen will open, in which on going down, click on the Download, delete, or make a plan for your data option.

Then you can delete your Gmail account by clicking Delete a service or your account and then Delete your account.

Before deleting the account, it is better to download a backup copy of your data. When you get a backup, click on the trash icon in the next step.



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