How to combine or merged PDF files

This is how you can merge two or more PDF files onlineIf you have some important documents in PDF formats and you want to merge them together, then it is quite easy. For this you neither need to scan the PDF file again nor create a new PDF file, this is possible without downloading any software only. There are some websites that allow online merging of PDF files.The specialty of the website that we are going to tell you is that you do not need to download any additional software on the PC to merge PDF. In addition to merging PDF for free, there are no watermark marks on the files. By the way, it also has a Pro feature, in which you can rerange the page according to your own, but you have to rerange before you can merge files in free mode.

Process to How to combine or merged PDF files

Now to merge the PDF file, you have to open the SmallPDF website ( on the PC laptop or mobile. It is a PDF merging tool.

After this you have to click on the File button, then select the PDF file that you want to merge. After selecting the PDF files, it has to be uploaded. Here you are free to select multiple files at once.

When the PDF file you have selected is uploaded, you will see the free and pro feature. Now you have to select the free option here. After this, click on Continue.

Now arrange your files, according to which you want to merge them. After arranging the PDF, click on the Merge PDF button.

Now you will see the download button on the next page to download the merge PDF file. You can download the merged PDF file by clicking on the download button.

In this way, you can combine or merge online PDF files without downloading any software.

5 Other websites to combine PDF files

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