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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanent

Many people want to urge obviate Facebook and also deactivate their account. But does one want to search out how to delete Facebook account forever. Let us know today the way during which your Facebook account are going to be closed forever.

Deleting a Facebook account is not very difficult. But delete the account, means your posts, photos and whatever content data you’ve got shared on Facebook till now, will all get away . That is, deleting an account is not a joke, but it is a serious issue. Let us tell you about those things which require to be kept in mind before deleting the account.

Upon request to delete Facebook account, the account isn’t immediately deleted. That is, Facebook gives you a while and delays the delete process. But confine mind that if you login during this grace period, your request is canceled.
The most important thing is that when the account is deleted, you can’t run the Facebook account again.

It can take up to 90 days for your entire data to be deleted with Facebook system backup. However, during this point you’ll not be ready to access anything on Facebook.
Messages sent to your friends will remain active, because this stuff aren’t stored in your account on Facebook.

Now talk of Facebook data. Yes, you’ve got shared everything that you simply have posted on Facebook, that is, memories of your Facebook moments or say those golden memories of your life that you simply have shared on Facebook.

Follow these steps to download Facebook data:

First login to the Facebook account and go to the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

Then click on Settings.
Now at the bottom of General Account Settings, under Your Facebook Information Section, click on ‘Download Your a copy of your Facebook data‘.

Then select the bottom options Create File. After this a file of your Facebook data will be available to download.

Now know how to permanently delete Facebook account:

1-Tap in the top right of Facebook.
2- Scroll down and tap on settings.
3-Scroll down to Facebook Your Information Section and select account ownership and control.
4-Tap Deactivate and Deletions and Select Delete Account .
5-Tap continue to account Deletion and select Delete Account permanent.

Step 1

Your Facebook account will be deleted permanent, if you not login again between 30 Grace period given by Facebook.

Step 2
Step 3

Here is the direct to delete Facebook Account Permanent Link ✓



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