How to find E-mail location and Address

Nowadays we all use Gmail to send email. Many times it happens that we get such emails, which we are not aware of. In such a situation, the question arises in our mind that from where finally this e-mail came to us. If you have also received an e-mail and you want to know about where the e-mail came from, then this news is of your use. Today we will tell you here some ways, by which you will be able to find the location and address of the e-mail.

First way :

You can use pipl and Spokio website to search email ID. Here, apart from the location of the e-mail sender, you will find many other details easily.

Second way:

If you want to find the e-mail location, first of all go to G-mail. Now open that mail. On the right side you will see a three dot button, click on it and then click on SHOW ORIGINAL. By doing this, a new window will open on your screen and you will get the IP address of the mail. Go to Wolfram Alpha site and search the IP address by copying that address. Here you will get the information about the location of the mail.

Third way :

You can get the information related to e-mail through Facebook. If someone is sending you e-mail again and again, then copy his e-mail ID and search in the search bar of Facebook. If that user has created Facebook ID with that email ID, then you will get all his information easily.

Special features of Gmail

Auto-advance :

This feature is very special. Through this, users can easily delete non-essential email. After deleting one mail in it, the other mail automatically arrives. Meaning you do not have to go back to the inbox again. For this, first you go to Settings and go to Advanced option, from here choose Auto Advance option. Then enable turn on.

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