How to use hidden features of Truecaller, here’s how they work

Truecaller is a very useful mobile application. There are many features available on this platform that everyone is familiar with, but today in these news we are going to tell you about the secret feature of Truecaller that you do not know. They all use Truecaller to detect spam calls and unknown numbers. This platform has many features that are very useful for users. But there are many of these features that very few users are aware of. The same Truecaller features here that you didn’t even know about. Let us know in detail …

Call Reason

Reason for the call Has your important phone been ignored by colleagues, friends or family?If the person is busy, you need to understand the importance of the call, stop it, and answer it. The Calling Region function can be used for this. It is available for iOS and Android users. Before each call, users can enter a reason or select one of the predefined reasons. This greatly increases the likelihood that your call will be answered.

Block Number series

Block the Series of Numbers Most of us get unlimited calls during the day. This includes calls. unwanted and incorrect numbers. In this case we can use Truecaller’s advanced call blocking.Truecaller updates the spam list every day, so don’t forget to update it too (this happens automatically for premium users). If you receive calls from a certain country or number series and have never been to those places, leave go to Truecaller Settings and lock them all by tapping the $ sign. This advanced option is available to all users free of charge.

Inbox Cleaner

Inbox Cleaner Smartphones have a lot of storage space, so we do not delete SMS. Inbox Cleaner helps you delete old and unwanted messages in seconds. Truecaller users do not need to personally select the messages to delete. If you tap on Inbox Cleaner in the menu, you can see how many OTP and spam messages have been collected, and tap again to delete old SMS without affecting important data.

Smart SMS

Intelligent SMSTypically, 80 percent of the text messages a person receives come from companies. Because of this, SMS applications need to be smart enough to filter spam and categorize useful information. Truecaller uses the same powerful algorithm to identify spam callers in SMS as well. SMS intelligence and can work offline locally on your device. So nothing leaves your phone including OTP, banking SMS and financial information.

Smart SMS was developed by making the SMS engine more powerful, filtering out spam, categorizing useful information and reminding you of payments and making your SMS inbox a very organized place.

Spam Statistics

Taking into account spam calls and SMS, Truecaller has added the spam statistics function to its platform. With the help of this feature, you have developed a special way of recognizing them by looking at their name and statistics. You can understand whether or not you should increase this number. This includes information about the number of spam calls this number has made in the recent past, what times those calls are typically received, and the up and down trends in spam flags.

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