India’s supercomputer ‘ultimate accomplishment’ in the world

India’s supercomputer ‘ultimate accomplishment’ in the world, know what is the ranking

Now India is making its own identity in the world in terms of technology. Supercomputers prepared in India are now making their mark in the world. The Indian supercomputer named ‘Param Siddhi’, created under the National Super Computing Campaign (NSM), has been ranked 63 in the list of 500 most powerful computers in the world.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) gave this information on Tuesday. DST secretary Ashutosh Sharma said, ‘This is a historic moment. In the field of supercomputers, India is one of the largest infrastructure centers in the world and this has been proved by the ultimate accomplishment-AI ranking.

He said, ‘I believe that our National Academic, Development and Research Institutes will be strengthened by the ultimate accomplishment-AI.

Apart from this, industries and startups spread on the national knowledge network will also benefit.

DST said that health services will benefit from AI system and forecast can be done in flood affected areas.

Let us tell you that Japan’s supercomputer Fugaku is ranked as the world’s fastest supercomputer. Top500, the site making the list of world’s 500 fastest computers, has considered it the fastest.

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