What are computer shortcut keys

In today’s time, computer keyboard shortcut keys in Hindi are being used everywhere. Computer keyboard shortcut keys are mostly used in offices or elsewhere.

Computer keyboard shortcut keys in Hindi are used by people to quickly complete their work or to make their tasks easier.

What are computer shortcut keys?

In today’s time, the computer is being used in abundance i.e. in very large quantities.  There is no such work which we can do without a computer.

We use the computer to do the smallest task or the biggest task on the computer.  Whether it is to prepare the mark sheet of the children in any school or to prepare the data of the employee there in a big company.

We can do this work very easily with the help of a computer.  When we run a computer, we first need a mouse.  With the mouse, we can easily do any kind of work on the computer by clicking on it.

Shortcut keys and use of computer shortcut keys :

Today we mostly use the mouse, but if for some reason while running the computer or we do any work and at that time our mouse gets damaged or its clicks do not work, then at that time we have to use the computer shortcut keys. is required. Some time ago, when the mouse was not invented, at that time we used to do all the work on the computer with the help of shortcut keys. If we talk about today, computer shortcut keys are used very rarely, because due to the development of the mouse, people mostly use the mouse. As I have written above that if any work like we are Employee of a company and we have to prepare data for that company and our mouse gets damaged or stops moving, then at that time we can use computer shortcut keys. make use of. Many people do not know about computer shortcut keys, how to use them, so today we will see how shortcut keys are used. How we can do any work with the help of Computer Shortcut Key in a very easy and simple way in a very short time.

Computer Shortcut Keys

“Shortcut keys means matching two or three keys of the keyboard” Matching of keys means that when we run the computer and we have to open, close a program, etc., then we press two or three keys simultaneously with the keyboard, then the program that we open or close or run. Wanted, that program goes on and we complete our work-

Keys – Keys means buttons. The buttons on the keyboard that we use while running the program are called keys or keys. All these alphabet keys are used with Ctrl.

Let us take information about some shortcut keys

 1. Ctrl + A = Screen all T and highlight or select the object

 2. Ctrl + B = for bold T

 3. Ctrl + C = to copy text

 4. Ctrl + D = To bring up the Font dialog box and duplicate the object

 5. Ctrl + E = To center the text

 6. Ctrl + F = Dial Box for Box

 7. Ctrl + G = To locate a particular page

 8. Ctrl + H = Find and replace dialog box

 9. Ctrl + I = to italize

 10. To justify Ctrl + J = te

 11. Ctrl + K = to insert a hyperlink

 12. Ctrl + L = to move from the left

 13. Ctrl + M = to control index

 14. Ctrl + N = to open newocs

 15. Ctrl + O = Open Exit Document

 16. Ctrl + P = To bring up the Printing dialog box

 17. Use the numbering to remove from Ctrl + Q = Take

 18. Ctrl + R = to correct solstice to CM

 19. Ctrl + S = to save the training

 20. Ctrl + T = is used to control the ruler

 21. Ctrl + U = to highlight sy

 22. Ctrl + V = Copy to paste the copied objects or T

 23. Ctrl + W = to close the window inlet

 24. Ctrl + X = Te or to cut the object

 25. Ctrl + Y = to work again

 26. Ctrl + Z = Preceding the task

 27. Ctrl + Page up = Switch to the start of a particular task

 28. Ctrl + Page down = Switch to the end of a particular task

 29. Ctrl + Enter = Go to a new page

 30. Ctrl + Backspace = Delete a word

 31. Ctrl + Arrow key = Go to next or previous word

 32. F2: Sharing Selected Cells

 33. F3: Once a name is created, F3 will paste the name

 34. F4: Final verb representation.  For example, if you are changing the color of the text in another cell, pressing F4 will change the take of the cell to the same color.

 35. F5: Go to a specific cell.  For example, C6

 36. F7: Check selected text or document

 37. F11: Create a chart from selected data

 38. Ctrl + Shift +;  : Enter current time

 39. Ctrl + ;: Enter current date

 40. Alt + Shift + F1: Insert New Workflow Sheet

 41. Alt + Enter: While typing take in a cell, Alt + Enter will move to the next line allowing multiple lines of taking in a cell.

 42. Shift + F3: Open Excel Formula Window

 43. Shift + F5: Bring up the search box

 44. Ctrl + 1: Format Cell window open

 45. Ctrl + A: Selected all the contents of the worksheet

 46. ​​Ctrl + B: Bold Highlighted Selection

 47. Ctrl + I: Italics highlight the selection

 48. Ctrl + K: Enter Number

 49. Ctrl + U: Highlight a Highlighted Section

 50. Ctrl + 1: Modify the format of selected cells

 51. Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough highlights the selection

 52. Ctrl + P: Print dialog box LAA to start printing

 53. Ctrl + Z: Last Action Towards East

 54. Ctrl + F3: Open Excel Name Manager

 55. Ctrl + F9: Minimize current window

 56. Ctrl + F10: Maximize the currently selected window

 57. Ctrl + F6: Switch between open task list or window

 58. Ctrl + Page up Move between Excel worksheets in the same Excel document in the same Excel.

 59. Ctrl + Page down: Move Excel work between sheets in the same Excel document.

 60. Ctrl + Tab: Move between two or more open Excel files.

 61. Alt + =: Create a formula to sum all the above cells.

 62. Ctrl + ‘: Enter the value of the above Cel in the currently selected Cel.

 63. Ctrl + Shift + !  : Format numbers in comma format.

 64. Ctrl + Shift + $ : Format numbers in currency format.

 65. Ctrl + Shift + # : Format numbers in date format.

 66. Ctrl+Shift+%: Format numbers in a percentage format.

 67. Ctrl + Shift + ^ :: Format numbers in scientific format.

 68. Ctrl+Shift+@: Format numbers in time format.

 69. Ctrl + Arrow Keys: Go to the next section of the table.

 70. Ctrl + Space: Select the entire column.

 71. Shift + Space: Selected entire row.

 72. Ctrl + – : Delete the selected column or row.

 73. Ctrl + Shift + = : Insert a new column or row.

 74. Ctrl + Home: Go to Cel A1.

 75. Ctrl + ~: Switch between showing Excel formulas or their values ​​in Cel.

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