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Whatsapp Payment: know step by step process of sending and receiving money from WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Pay feature has recently been launched by the moment messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp Payment is meant together with the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). it’ll be supported Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Android and iOS users will got to update the newest version of WhatsApp to use it. Also, WhatsApp are often run from an equivalent mobile number, which can be linked to your checking account . Let’s know its full details

How to setup WhatsApp Payment

Open WhatsApp, go to the Setting option
you will find the payment option.
click on the Add Payment option.
Now select the bank option.
After selecting the bank,
you will need to verify your mobile number. you can choose SMS verification.

After completion of the verification process, your bank will be added as a Payment.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Follow below process to make payment

After successful registration of whatsApp payment, now you can send payment to each other. you can send and receive money by going to anyone Whatsapp contact.

WhatsApp Pay: How to make payments

Open WhatsApp Chat.
tap on the Attachment icon.

You have to click on the payment option.
You have to click on the Enter option put desired amount.
After this you have to click on UPI PIN.
and payment get done.

Whatsapp payment

How to send money to UPI user of google pay and PhonePe

Open WhatsApp > go 2 Settings > tap Payments.

Tap New Payment > tap Send to a UPI ID > enter the UPI ID > hit Verify.

After the UPI ID is verified, type the desired amount and hit enter.

Enter your UPI pin to complete the payment.

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