How to Create a Whatsapp Account

WhatsApp is a messaging app with the help of whatsapp you can connect with your friends and relatives. With the help of WhatsApp, you can send messages to your friends and relatives. They can also talk to them through videocalls and audio calls. If you also want to use WhatsApp, then go to through this post you can use it by turning on your WhatsApp.

Friends, to start WhatsApp, you must first download / install WhatsApp. Only after downloading / installing WhatsApp, you can turn on WhatsApp.

How to create a whatsapp account

First of all, open your Google Play Store/ Apps store

After opening, write WhatsApp in “Search Box” above and search.

Many apps will appear under the name whatsApp. Click on official WhatsApp Messenger.

Then click on the “Install” button, you can install by clicking here.

Then click “Accept”

After install, click on “Open”

Open WhatsApp for the first time, the page of “Terms of Service” will be shown, you click on the “Agree and Continue” button.

The next page will open, in which you have to enter your mobile number, and click on the “Next” button.

Now a message code will come on your number, which will contain the code, so that Automaticc will be verified (Number should be started in the same phone)

Put that code in WhatsApp, Automaticc will be verified as soon as you enter the code and the next page will be open.

The next page will open, in which you have to enter your name. Example Vipin jaiswar

Then click on the “Next” button. Your WhatsApp will be created.

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