How to take Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Screenshots are an incredibly useful way to share the documents on your screen. A screen shot, sometimes called a screen capture. A computer is an image of a desktop that can be saved as a graphics file. The screenshots show you what you can see on your screen for sharing with others or for later references. Various programs are available to create screen shots, but in Windows 10 this is easy to do without any special programs.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest OS largely for desktops and laptops. Taking screenshots is one among the foremost essential features on any platform and Windows isn’t any different. You can easily take a screenshot on Windows 10 through some simple shortcuts.

How to take a screenshot of your full screen

Here are two ways to require a full screen screenshot in Windows 10:

Method 1
First press the Windows key + Print Screen key.
Now launch Explorer (Window key + E), click on Pictures on the left panel and go to the Pictures Library on your computer.
You will find a folder named Screenshot (NUMBER). Which will have a screen shot of your screen.

Method 2

  1. First press the Print Screen or PrntScr button on the keyboard.
  1. Then open the MS Paint app and press ctrl + V


  1. If you want more commands on your screenshot, we would suggest that you download IrfanView. After installing it, capture the screenshot by following the suggestions given below.
  2. First press C, then choose the sort of screenshot you would like . You can choose between a full monitor capture or a multimonitor setup, between a particular monitor or the front (window) window or a specific part of the screen. If you want a screenshot of a particular part of a page or image, then you should choose the fifth option (Custom rectangle / region capture).
  4. Click first, then move your mouse and choose the part that needs a screenshot. Click again to save the screenshot or press Esc to cancel this action.
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